08:00-10:15 am Investors & Companies One-on-One Meetings / Company Exhibition
Continental Breakfast
  10:15-10:20 am Welcoming Remarks
Yanhong Lin, Managing Partner, CTIC Capital
  10:20-11:10 am Keynote & Award Ceremony - Creating and Implementing Novel Biomedical Technologies
Robert S. Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
  11:10-11:40 am Fireside Chat: Precision medicine
Hemant Taneja, Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners
Elad Gil, CEO, Color Genomics
  11:40-12:20 pm Panel Discussion – 2017 Cross Border Investment Opportunities and Challenges
Kevin Chen, Partner, Sequoia China
Steven Wang, Partner, Highlight Capital
Chen Yu, Vivo Capital
Kewen Jin, Chairman of BayHelix & Managing Partner, Serica Capital
Xiangyu Ouyang, Managing Director, Legend Capital
  12:20-01:20 pm Lunch / One-on-One Meetings
  01:20-01:40 pm Keynote - Innovation and Collaboration Ecosystem and Platform
Steve Yang, SVP and COO, WuXi AppTec
  01:40-02:20 pm Panel Discussion II – US China Partnerships and M&A Opportunities
Victor Shi, Founding President, QIAGEN Asia Pacific; General Partner, Serica Capital
Jennifer Hu, Partner, Qiming Ventures
Richard Zhao, GM Strategy and Investment & Senior Vice President, Medical Device
Steven Wang, Managing Director, CITIC PE
Jimmy Zhang, CLI Ventures
  02:20-03:00 pm Panel Discussion III – Future of US Healthcare Investments (where would the funding go in 2017 and beyond)
Skip Fleshman, Managing Partner, AMV
David Berry, General Partner, Flagship Ventures
Ted Driscoll, Partner, Decheng Capital
Neil Exter, Partner, Third Rock Ventures
  03:00-03:10 pm Break
  03:10-04:00 pm Breakout Panel A - Future of In Vitro Diagnostic Tools
Yaoming Liang, Chairman, KingMed Diagnostics
Dongliang Ge, President, BioScikin Co.
Breakout Panel B - New Drug Development: The Promise and The Pitfalls
Frank Jiang, CEO, CStone Pharmaceuticals
Vincent Xiang, Partner, Frontline BioVentures
Dajun Yang, CEO, Ascentage Pharma Group
Breakout Panel C - Medical Device & MedTech: Is China the New Exit
Christopher von Jako, President and CEO, NinePoint Medical
Clarence Kho, Managing Director, Converge Minds
Bin Sun, Managing Director, CEL Healthcare Fund
  04:00-06:00 pm One-on-One Meetings and Networking