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KT Moortgat

Biotech Advisor; Former West Coast Head, AbbVie Ventures

KT Moortgat, PhD, is a venture investor, executive, and founder, with a track record of investing and company incubation and growth, with realized and unrealized value creation.

KT headed the West Coast efforts for a Fortune 100 corporation’s venture arm, and later for a specialty biotech venture firm.  In these roles, she sourced and managed an expanding portfolio of companies that develop novel therapies. KT contributed to the corporate team’s recognition as one of the most active pharma venture investors by driving Seed to Series B investments. Prior, KT held executive and consulting roles with multiple venture-backed biotech companies, including tenure as CEO of a clinical stage company. KT launched her career as founder of the first university entrepreneurship center focused on life sciences, located at QB3 and UC San Francisco.

Following undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, KT earned a PhD at UC San Diego. She is a board member of Stanford University’s High Impact Technologies Fund, and advises additional translational programs including at the Salk Institute and UC San Francisco.