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Lisa (Licen) Xu

Chief Commerical Officer, FlashDx Inc.

Dr. Lisa (Licen) Xu is Chief Commerical Officer of FlashDx Inc., a point-of-care (POCT) syndromic molecular Dx platform company (US/China), Board Member for Ribbon BioLab (Austria) & Burning Rock Biotech (US/China), and Sr. Advisor NLVC. She was Vice President at Roche Diagnostics for NGS Sequencing systems, VP of Enterprise Informatics at Illumina, and General Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Lisa is a mulit-disciplined leader with extensive experience in managing businessses, including business operations, strategic marketing, product and P&L management. Her current focus is in product strategy and commericalization effort, leveraging her over 20 year experience in life science/MedTech and her technical expertise in instrument, software, consumable and reagent. She is also coaching entrepreneurs the product development process from concept to commercialization.

Lisa earned her BS in Electronic Engineering and Master’s Degree of Biophysics from Tsinghua University, Beijing. She obtained her Ph.D. of Molecular Biology at Unversity of Zurich, Switzerland. She earned Aresty Scholar at Wharton School.