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03:00-03:10 PM

Welcoming Remarks
Yanhong Lin, Managing Partner, CTIC Capital
Tony Chen, Chairman, BayHelix; Partner, Jones Day

03:10-03:55 PM

Fireside Chat with John Oyler
John Oyler, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO, BeiGene
Brad Loncar, CEO, Loncar Investments

03:55-04:40 PM

Panel Discussion: Bio-Innovation by Entrepreneurship in China
Vincent Xiang, Founding Managing Partner, 7G BioVentures (Lead)
Jonathan Wang, Chairman and CEO, Inmagene Bio
Steve Yang, Co-CEO, Wuxi Apptec
Tong Zhang, CBO, Genechem

04:40-05:10 PM

Company Presenting and Investor Review: Fortress Biotech
Lindsay Rosenwald, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fortress Biotech
Michelle Chen, BayHelix Board Member; VP & Head of Corporate Development at WuXi Biologics

05:10-05:40 PM

Company Presenting and Investor Review: Paragon Genomics
Tao Chen, CEO and Co-founder, Paragon Genomics
Jeffry Wu, Partner, 7G BioVentures

05:40-06:20 PM

Company Presenting and Investor Review: Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
Kevin Oliver, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development and Licensing, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
Jennifer (Jing-Shan) Hu, Senior Advisor, Qiming Venture Partners USA

06:20-07:20 PM

Panel Discussion: Understanding China’s Healthcare Investment landscape (past, current, and future) in shaping your China and Asia strategy
Karen Liu, Founding Partner, 3E Bioventures Capital (Lead)
Kevin Chen, Founding Partner, BioTrack Capital
Dongmei Ji, CEO & Chairman, GP Healthcare Capital
Ching Tan, Managing Partner, CD Capital
Aimin Wu, Managing Partner and President, SinoPharm Capital

07:20-08:00 PM

Zoom Networking Session

03:00-03:05 PM

Welcoming Remarks
Yanhong Lin, Managing Partner, CTIC Capital

03:05-03:45 PM

Panel Discussion: Global Healthcare Investment Trend
Robert Winter, Managing Director, daVinci Capital (lead)
David Berry, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
James Huang, Founding Managing Partner, Panacea Venture
Steven Wang, Founder & CEO, HighLight Capital
Jianbin Zhang, Partner, IDG Capital
James Zhao, Founding Partner, LYFE Capital

03:45-04:15 PM

Panel Discussion: The outlook of Cross Border Investment and Business Development Opportunities in 2021
Kan Chen, Principal, Qiming Venture Partners (Lead)
Dianna Qian, Partner, Pivotal Bioventure Partners China
Marietta Wu, Managing Director, Quan Capital
Bing Yuan, Chief Strategy and Business Officer, Cstone Pharmaceuticals

04:15-05:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Cross-Border Business Development and Collaborations – Opportunities and Challenges
Lin Ni, Partner, TF Capital (lead)
Niels Emmerich, Vice President, Global Head Search & Evaluation, AbbVie
Kevin Oliver, Senior Vice President, Head of BD&L, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
Joan (Huaqiong) Shen, CEO, I-Mab Biopharma
Dewan Zeng, Executive Director and Head of Search and Evaluation, BeiGene

05:00-05:30 PM

Company Presenting and Live Review Session: 3T Biosciences
John Connolly, Interim CEO, 3T Biosciences
Stephen Chan, Vice President, CBC Group

05:30-05:55 PM

Company Presenting and Live Review Session: Drive Therapeutics
Doug Gooding, CEO, Drive Therapeutics
Lu Huang, Managing Director, Morningside Ventures

05:55-06:25 PM

Company Presenting and Live Review Session: Embody
Jeffery Conroy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Embody
Feng Han, Partner, Pagoda Capital Partners

06:25-07:10 PM

Company Presenting and Investor Review: Ocugen
Shankar Musunuri, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-founder, Ocugen
Sean Zhang, Vice President, Lilly Asia Ventures

07:10-07:35 PM

Company Presenting and Live Review Session: Crimson Biopharm
Jean Zhao, Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).
Nanxing He, Managing Partner, Sangel Venture Capital

07:35-07:45 PM

Closing Remarks
Victor Shi, Managing Partner, Serica Partners

07:45-08:30 PM

Zoom Networking Session